Schools and community education

Prepared for life does just that, holding the hand of all key stakeholders as we explore the journey of learning to drive through our schools and community programs, helping schools, students and parents with the transition from adolescence to adulthood addressing issues that are not necessarily covered in the school’s curriculum. Each of our programs is designed to educate on the physiological, emotional and attitude facets of driving, in a positive, empowered peer group environment.

Our schools and community programs also include presentations on vehicle maintenance, Road Side breakdowns, such as how to change a tyre, Replace blown light globes and how to check and maintain critical engine fluids.

There are presentations on buying your first car, finance, insurance, budgets and all the life skills as we transition from adolescence into Adulthood.

There are community activation programs such as the Wacky Racers that connects and engages the youth, schools, business, and community with a fun activity around driving, road safety, vehicle maintenance, team building and commerce.

These programs are all facilitated in local schools and community groups that wish to support driver education and road safety in a positive, fun environment.

To change the culture of Australian road users and authorities to one of awareness of, passion for genuine commitment to, Road safety.

To be part of preparing our youth, holistically, for life not only as a driver but as an adult.

To research, develop and promote standards for Road Safety initiatives and programmes.

To raise awareness of the terrible social and economic cost of failure to adequately address Road Safety.


Prepared for life does just that, holding the hand of all key stakeholders as we explore the journey of learning to drive, its responsibilities and its joys and rewards. A community partnership in our youth of today, as we prepare them for tomorrow. The primary goal would be to expose young road users with new road safety education much earlier in their development and thereby extending their “learning” phase long before they ever get behind the wheel. Partnering with Total Driver, we aim to show a reduction of 75% in road trauma in not only possible, but achievable.

Channels of Activity

  • Earky engagement with 3-9 year olds as the foundation members of the HBB road safety mission.
  • Integration with 9-16 year olds as part of our Billy Cart Challenge
  • Whole community support with role of parents in the 120 hours of supervised driving.
  • Expand our road safety advocacy position via media options
  • Implement a national road safety education program for school students and lobby for its integration into the curriculum in each state
  • Provide new training resources for both school students and parents
  • Facilitate opportunities for new road safety research both nationally and internationally.

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