Billycart derby

Back to the future with the Billycart Grand Prix at Boundary Street Coolangatta

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we have had to postpone the Wacky Racers Billycart GP at Cooly Rocks On.

We will be back, there is great support from the council to help the event, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause

Get set for an amazing year! The Wacky Racers Billycart Grand Prix IS BACK!!!!

Our benchmark event for 2018 is the Cooly Rocks On Nostalgia Festival located next to the beach at Coolangatta!

There are some fantastic prizes on offer including the opportunity to race AND WIN your very own V8 Supercar and F1 themed Billycarts!

There are four rounds in the Wacky Racers Grand Prix championship,  from May to October 2018.

The Cooly Rocks On heat is extra-special with CELEBRITY RACERS and massive prizes up for grabs!

Learn everything you need to know about competing in the Wacky Racers HERE

How to win! All about the WACKY RACERS GRAND PRIX

How the POINTS SYSTEM works

To compete you need to fill in the entry form prior to the event, or on the day:  ENTRY FORM

You can create a team, get your school involved and even raise money for your communities charity needs. PRIZES

Event Date   Sunday 3rd June 2018

Location –  Boundary St Coolangatta

Theme – Wacky Racers!  

Why go Billycart Racing?

Remember when driving was fun?!  We are bringing FUN back into driving and that is the objective of Prepared For Life’s community events. We connect dads with kids, teens to the community, and youth to those with experience – all with our common goal and objective:  to have fun with driving!

The Billycart Grand Prix

The Billycart Grand Prix is designed to help the youth, business and community come together with projects inspired by our imagination, created with inspiration, and developed with old minds and young hearts working together as one.

Our aim is to encourage participants to be as creative as possible. There are three great categories and people can share the same Billycart between different aged members of their team so everyone gets to drive.

Our goal is to help our youth rediscover their passion for driving, create an understanding of basic mechanics and engineering and enjoy the driving experience in a safe, friendly outdoor competition!

The competition allows schools, students, and their industrial arts departments to participate in the excitement of getting behind the wheel for the very first time (for many!).

Come on and design, create, race and and have this adventure with your mates and family!

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