Early Education

Believe it or not, we actually start driving from the age of 3. We know we can influence their driver in positive fashion, as they learn new skills in their first scooter, their first bike and their first push/pedal car.

This program is aimed at kindergarten level children, this teachings of this program are based around being safe around road, basic pedestrian rules, and how to guides for children this age when they are faced with a situation that may put them in danger. To entertain as we educate, we enlisted the help of Humprey B Bear. Yes our fun loving bear is back, and this time he is going to use their development to help mums and dads all over Australia to learn how to be a great teacher that will support them all the way up to getting their car licence. In Addition, the kids will be safer, more aware and better prepared as they discover mobility in their community.

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