Rules and Specifications -How to Build Your Billycart

Follow these rules and specifications to build your billycart to the national standard for billycart competition. You can also check out this awesome page of hints, tips and videos to make it easier and inspire you. EASY GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR BILLYCART

Rules and specifications for all competitors

The Grand Final in The Wacky Racers Grand Prix series.

4 Wheels on 2 Axles only

  • Overall width of at least 400mm, less than 1200mm and no longer than 2100mm.
  • Minimum distance between front and rear axle is to be no less than the width of the axle.
  • Carts restricted to a weight of 80kg MAX excluding driver. Billycarts exceeding this weight will not be able to race.

Materials – Rules and Specifications

  • Made from any lightweight material (wood, steel or composite).
  • Bodywork must not contain glass.
  • NO sharp edges or spikes.

Billycart Brakes Rules and specifications 

Rules and specifications – Brakes can be as simple as a lever that puts pressure on the wheel

Braking – Rules and specifications

  • Must have brakes capable of locking MIN OF 2 WHEELS via the wheel or axle brakes. e.g. wheel brake (pictured)
  • Caliper, disc, axle brakes or push bike brakes are suitable.
  • Brakes are operated by pedal or lever which is securely mounted.
  • If the braking system fails during the day, the cart may be disqualified if not repairable. The Billycart must be able to stop to race and will be re-scrutinized after repairs.

Steering –  Rules and specifications

  • Must have adequate steering: When a basic pivoting front axle with rope steering is used, the axle swing movement is to be restricted to 100mm “lock to lock” (no greater than 15 degrees) to reduce an unintentional major change of direction.
  • If rope steering is used feet MUST be able to touch the front axle.
    Billycart steering Rules and specifications 

    Rules and specifications Steering can be a piece of rope or a geometrically designed system

Wheels – Rules and specifications

  • MUST have 4 or 3 load bearing wheels on 2 axles ONLY and all wheels on the ground (This will be assessed at scrutineering).
  • NO added wheels are allowed ANYWHERE ON THE CART……….
  • Pneumatic wheels of any size are recommended. Solid wheels are not recommended due to the road surface. 10” or greater diameter is recommended.
  • All spoke wheels must be protected from driver internally by either a guard/wheel arch/enclosed cabin or a “wheel cone” (plastic or cardboard disc cable tied/attached to inside of wheel)

Seating  – Rules and specifications

  • Any position is allowed as long as it is secure, wholly within the cart and a safe distance behind front axle entirely.
  • Carts with single front wheel and 2 rear wheels MUST have rear braking and seat mounted on the rear axle.
  • Carts with 2 front wheels and one rear wheel should have braking on both front wheels and seating as close to the front of the rear wheel as possible.
    Seating ideas Billycart

    Seats can be a plastic chair, sculptured wood or even a wheel barrow