Total Driver School Programs

The facilitation of these programs is done through our not-for-profit called ‘Prepared For Life’. We offer 4 unique programs, you can read about them below.

Last year alone we helped educate over 3500 students of all years in QLD and NSW, this year we aim to reach over 5000 students.

So come and see what its all about, and join in the good cause of saving lives.

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This program is aimed at kindergarden level children, this teachings of this program are based around being safe around road, basic pedestrian rules, and how to guides for children this age when they are faced with a situation that may put them in danger.


The SAFE program is a pre licence program. The aim is to introduce the road rules to students and help them understand why they exist, how to apply them and most importantly, how to utilize them as drivers on the roads By completing the program, students are prepared to pass the learners test, and start their 100 hours of log book driving. The program also includes basic vehicle familiarization and maintenance skills, to ensure drivers have a basic understanding of the environment they will be in charge of.



Targeted at pre-learner, learner and probationary licence holders, in particular, senior secondary school students, Greenlight works with young drivers to give them a better understanding of their driving psychology and how this affects their driving style and skill. Greenlight focuses on the introduction to driving. The essential skills and knowledge drivers required before they hop into a car for the first time.



Aim: To use peer group pressure in a constructive medium. 1. Social Aptitude -Peer group pressure, technology and distractions Consequence. Passengers die too. 2. Drugs & Alcohol, Why do we feel bullet proof, why don’t we perceive the risks 3. Statistics Why no driver ever expects to crash, why drivers create their own accidents 4. Life as a driver Insurance, Finance, Cost of ownership, Speed -difference between track and road.

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It is about preparing them holistically for life as an adult. Driving is their highest risk activity they will ever undertake, make sure they are prepared – prepared for life.

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